We are locked in our rooms. They just said ‘pack pack pack.’ They haven’t said why.
—Statement from Detained Voices

Borders that are no longer mapped to the physical boundaries of nation states are increasingly de-territorialised and re-territorialised in transit places such as airports which function as strategic nodes within a transnational network of control.
—Nilgun Bayraktar

Racism and xenophobia are on the rise, spurred along by the government’s rhetoric. Creating a ‘hostile environment’ for migrants is an explicit policy objective. Brexit has unleashed a surge of racist violence. Within this context the Home Office is able to deport people en masse and detain people indefinitely with little scrutiny or challenge.

On Tuesday 28th March 2017, activists from Plane Stupid, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants and End Deportations stopped a mass deportation charter flight from going to Nigeria and Ghana. The scumbags at the Home Office rescheduled the flight and it left two days later. Whilst only half of the people were deported on the later flight, there is still a huge need to expose the violence, secrecy and corruption of this horrific process that disavows black and brown lives, rips families and communities apart and is wrapped up in dodgy dealings between the UK home office and many of its former colonies.

The documentary explores how violent borders are affecting communities in the UK and around the world.


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